CBT or cock and ball torture is a great way to dominate a man.

CBT Domination: Because PAIN is FUN!

Pain is FUN!

My preferred mode of CBT is done through role plays. I especially enjoy a role play where the male is bound to a chair. Can you imagine that YOU are that man? I would have you awaken with your legs and wrists bound to the chair. The next step in my fantasy world of torture would be to remove your clothing, by cutting it off of you slowly.

I squeeze your balls through your pants while joyfully watching your reaction.

I love hearing you moan for me. As I remove your clothing piece by piece, I tell you how I could have done it while you were sleeping. This, of course, scares you a bit. I enjoy when you are a bit scared of me. It excites and arouses me. I pull out my red leather crop and stare at you while smiling gleefully. Black is nice, but a bit boring at times. I like a crop that looks just a bit more evil, just like myself.

I always smile at you when threatening to harm your cock and balls.

Of course, no actual harm occurs. It’s all about scaring you into submission. I run the red leather crop all over your naked body, while still asking questions. I know you are a secret agent, and I always get my answers. I will use any means necessary to find out the information I want. Every answer that displeases me will earn you one slap across the face and one slap to the balls.

You know you deserve your cbt and are ready to take it. When I fail to get it from beating your balls, I switch to caressing and pulling them. You are so turned on that your cock is aching. This is where I decide the real torture would be to get you all worked up and leave for the night. Funny thing is, that is exactly what I do.

Can I play with your balls?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

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