Caramel Food Fetish FunAdd caramel food fetish fun to your bedroom game play!

I do love Autumn, and there’s a few of flavors that always remind me of Fall: caramel, cider, and pumpkin spice. This post is all about taking the classic caramel flavor of the season in a new direction: CBT. You’ll need a candy thermometer, kitchen spoon, 1 or 2 bags of caramel, a sauce pan or double boiler, or if you want to take the easy route, a microwave safe bowl, and wax paper or plastic sheeting.

Setting the Scene

This particular CBT experience bears a striking similarity to wax play, and requires the same degree of caution. We’re going to be using melted caramel in much the same way as wax. The candy thermometer is to make sure that the caramel stays at a safe temperature, somewhere between 120 & 170 degrees fahrenheit. Melt the caramel down in the sauce pan or double boiler over low heat, stirring slowly & constantly, or by melting it in the microwave in 30 second increments, stirring thoroughly each time.

Make sure it’s a nice ooey gooey smooth mass, no chunks, and no seared edges. DO NOT BOIL. Use the candy thermometer to test the temperature, making sure to stir thoroughly with the kitchen spoon prior to taking the reading, so that there aren’t hot or cool spots. It needs to be an even, consistent temperature for safety. Caramel will retain it’s heat significantly longer than wax, so do NOT heat it beyond 170 and try to apply to skin. You may have a bowl of cool water & a bowl of ice water on standby if you need to cool off fast. Dunk your junk in the cool water first, and then in the ice water if the cool water wasn’t enough. Lay out wax paper or plastic sheeting to use as a drop cloth.

Caramel Covered Cocks

Once you’ve gotten your drop cloth arranged & the caramel heated, it’s time to use that kitchen spoon to drizzle caramel all over your tender bits. The closer to your skin the spoon is, the hotter the caramel will be when it hits your flesh. I’d advise working from the lower end of the temperature and your outer thighs in, starting off with cooler caramel and adjusting the height of the spoon will give you the ability to experiment safely before progressing to higher temps and more sensitive areas. Caramel is sticky, and will cling like flypaper to your skin, so man-scaping before you begin, and shaving all your tender bits, will make cleanup easier and less painful. Caramel is also soluable in warm water, so a hot shower after the scene can also help to get you clean. It’s also a tasty bit of WAM (Wet And Messy) CBT for couples to indulge in, and opens up a whole host of new possibilities for exactly how to get that cock clean.

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