A New Pain Slut is BornYour Pain Play Mistress, Goddess Lilly

Sometimes it takes a while for a someone to find where out where they belong, to truly understand who they are, what they need, and what they need to do to find fulfillment. That type of soul searching is a journey that everyone takes, and for those in the kink community, it comes with lot of interesting detours, experimentation and fun along the way until you find your niche. One of my subbies recently discovered the truth about himself: He is a submissive pain slut & humiliation whore.

Exploring a Submissive’s Kinks

When he first began talking to me, it was revealed he loved being humiliated for certain, ahem, short comings in his anatomy, and that he had a deep core of submissiveness & a yearning to please & to serve. He thrived on hearing me verbally flay his psyche in my sweet voice, loved the pain and mental anguish of knowing everything I said was the truth, and adored knowing that his whimpers and moans were entertaining to me. He enjoyed knowing that everything I said wasn’t coming from malice. I simply loved humiliating him as much as he loved being on the receiving end, but there was still something missing. Being the good-natured sadist that I am, I suggested adding in pain play.

Sometimes Finding out the Truth Hurts

And it hurts so good. Physical pain was the missing piece that he’d been craving and hadn’t even realized. Emotional pain & physical pain are already pretty closely linked in how your brain processes them, so it seemed like a natural progression. From the first few moments, I had him experimenting with impact play and turning his cock, balls, and torso into a clothespin porcupine, I knew that we’d hit upon something great. By the end of our second session combining physical & emotional pain, he actually managed to cum from pain alone, no stroking required, climaxing via a weakened version of my napalm lube, spanking with a metal spatula, and crushing his cock with a weighted skillet.

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