So many times I get the question, “Mistress, what do you love the most? What do you want to do?”

It all depends on my mood, of course. I will share with you one of my most favorite, most gratifying delights. I simply love anal play. And I am a master at the art of prostate milking. It typically takes a slave a considerable amount of servitude before gaining the privilege of such an experience with me, but the result is well worth the effort. I take a great deal of pleasure in the ceremony of the event. I lay my subject on a soft bed, placing a small pillow beneath his hips, raising his backside just slightly.

I begin excruciatingly slow and gentle.

First, using my fingers to gently probe his anus, exploring the forbidden regions of his body. I expertly rub my fingers against his prostate, using his various moans and pleas as guidance. Slowly, I progress to larger objects of various shapes and sizes designed to bring my slave to unimaginable heights of ecstasy. I steadily build toward the grand finale , where I don my strap-on and use it to penetrate him with increased urgency and coerce . My hands gripping his hips as I impale him relentlessly. When done correctly, I can easily bring my slave to orgasm without ever even touching his cock.

It is an experience that drenches me in waves of euphoric power.

Whether you are a novice at anal play, or an expert at stuffing your man-hole with a 10 inch dildo, giving your body over to me in this way is one of the best ways to demonstrate your willingness to submit. Remember, when you give up control, when you beg to be dominated by a superior Goddess like myself, you are handing me the keys to your treasure box of fantasies.

Put your trust in me. I know exactly where I want to take you.


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