Eat your own cum for Ms Piper

Can You Handle The Heat?

This month I’ve been in the mood to shake things up a bit. I guess there’s only so many ways I can guide your masturbation, or make you eat your  own cum before I get a little, dare I say it, bored.

You may remember back in the day, one of the ways for housewives to keep things sexy for their men was to greet hubby at the door naked, wrapped in plastic wrap. Before you ask, no, I didn’t ever do this. I had other ways of greeting my man at the door! I’ll just allow your imagination to gnaw on that one for a while.

So here’s my idea: wrap your entire pelvis, ass, hips, and cock, in plastic wrap. Just a couple of layers to smoosh your dick against your belly, but thin enough for you to feel sensation on your little sausage.

You know where this is headed, right? We’re going to think of all kinds of ways to stimulate your wiener while it’s all wrapped up! I’m thinking, rub it on a pillow or the bed, your plastic wrapped booty bouncing up and down all the while). You could get a vibrator and buzz your hard little penis. Or, I know! Wrap it up with just the head sticking out, and coerce yourself to have a little clitty orgasm!

I’ll bet you and I could come up with all kinds of ways to play with a shrink wrapped boner with wooden spoons, ice dildos, silk scarves, whipped cream squirted under the plastic. Oh, the list goes on and on!

And of course, after you have a big “splash,” you can always eat your own cum right off the plastic!

Oh, I’m excited, aren’t you? Give me a call today and let’s play!

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