CBT make Ms. Piper happy!

Prepare to Impress Me!

You know what I don’t get to do nearly enough? Inflict serious pain on tender gonads.

CBT is one of my favorite ways to spend time with my little pets. It’s such a gift when a bitch offers up his own pain for the sake of my pleasure.  You don’t think I have a CBT fetish just like you, do you?

Do you know my favorite implements of cock and ball destruction? Wooden spoons, clothespins, and candles!

It’s such a romantic date, a candlelit evening, in which you clip your ball sack with multiple pins, then dribble that candle wax over them like you’re signing, sealing, and delivering your cock to me as a sweet little gift!

Let me take a good long look at you on cam, sweet cheeks.

I’m amazed that your cock is still hard, even though you seem to be in a lot of pain!

You know, if you like pain that much, why don’t we smack your balls with the wooden spoon? Smack it hard! In fact, smack those pins off your balls!

Ooh, that looks like it smarted a little, but I’m not sure. Try it again! Hit those balls with that spoon and let me see.

Oh, YES. It does indeed seem like your balls may be just a little tender!

Would stroking make it feel a little better? Then, by all means, let’s stroke that hard cock. Careful, though, you don’t want to go too far. I know you don’t want to have a big cummy. You know how much I LOVE it when you’re denied.

Oh, a ruined orgasm? Why, that’s a fantastic idea! Let’s do it!

I love to see your pee pee jerk around spitting up sperm. Squeeze your balls, so we can get more out! Oh, the screaming is music to my ears! This was a fun date, don’t you think?

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