Every once in a while, even hardcore masochists need something a bit more extreme.

Perhaps they’re such devoted spank sluts that the skin of their bottom might as well be leather, maybe they’ve twisted so many clamps off their nipples they can’t feel it anymore, and perhaps they’ve smacked their balls so many times that each new blow is kinda, meh. They’ve hit a plateau; the point at which pain and the sweet endorphin rush it brings seems dull, and no longer brings a thrill.

I can introduce you to a whole new world of pain.

Two Words: Napalm Lube. This is an extreme recipe, straight from the depths of my Sadistic heart. It is designed to burn in several different ways, with a fire that only grows more intense & seems to feed itself off your misery while your skin burns with searing agony. It’s half-life (aka: the amount of time it will continue burning before you’re able to perceive any lessening of the hellish torment) is equally brutal.

To get the full effect of Napalm Lube: thoroughly chafe your shaft and sack (or any other part of your anatomy you’ll be dousing with the hellish lube) with sandpaper, steel wool, or a toothbrush until the entire surface is glowing a nice bright pink or red.

Use caution and make sure the first time you experiment with this diabolical method of CBT that you have a cup of plain yogurt on stand by to dunk your cock in, as well as easy access to a sink or shower. Do NOT touch your face, and especially avoid contact with the eyes until after you have thoroughly washed and rinsed your hands (several times).

Napalm Lube Recipe:

The one, the only, the hell born scourge.

  • Tooth Paste
  • Hot Sauce
  • Icy Hot
  • Salt
  • Rubbing Alcohol or Spirits
  • Lemon Juice
  • Cayenne or Habanero Powder
  • Normal Lube (Optional for dilution)

Fair Warning: If you subject yourself to Napalm Lube, you’ll feel like you dipped your dick in the Lake of Fire.


Napalm Lube will make your dick feel like it is on fire.

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