Are you brave enought to try this assignment for hardcore masochists?CBT zip lines are assembled by threading clothespins or chip clips onto a shoelace, then fastening them to your skin.

It can have as few as 10 or more than 30. Each clothes pin is an anchor & station to relay pain throughout your body. Once they are fastened onto your skin, grab both ends of the shoelace and start tugging, from one direction to another.

Zip lines can be used to create artistic designs and to snake a path over some of the most sensitive parts of your anatomy.

One thing is absolutely certain: once you feel the initial bite of your very first zip line, you will never forget it. Zip lines can offer a whole new dimension and level of pain to your CBT session. For those willing to try something rather extreme, I’m presenting 3 different zip line trails for you to try, from intermediate to insane. Don’t forget to tug the laces, and be extra careful when removing the zip line. It hurts even more when you take it off.

Zip Line Trails:

  • The Naga: 10-20 clothespins/chip clips threaded onto shoelace, then fastened in a swirling pattern down the side of your right ribs, over your right hip bone, down to just above where your cock begins, and snaking down to the sensitive skin of your inner left thigh.
    • Pain Level: OMFG–OUCH!!!!
  • The Rabid Wolf: 20-30 clothespins/chip clips threaded onto shoe lace; fasten the center clothespin just behind your balls, then continue fastening clothespins evenly around the underside of your balls, spreading out on the left and right side towards your inner thighs, swirling your way up towards the base of your cock, then zig-zagging over your left and right hip bones.
  • The Mako: 30+ clothespins/chip clips threaded onto a extra long shoe lace; fasten the center clothespin directly on the tip of your dick, then continue fastening clothespins evenly down the left & right sides of your shaft, angling downwards towards the skin of your inner thighs, then doubling back and crossing over directly across your balls, working your way up over both hip bones & up the sides of your ribs.
    • Pain Level: @*(!##)$@!(#$ ((sobbing & garbled screams, capacity for intelligible speech is gone))



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