There are so many ways to dominate a man.

I love dominating you!

I love dominating you!

My preferred method is domination by role play. I love weaving a tale, much like a spider, that takes you on an enigmatic journey. All I need to do this would be your particular triggers or breadcrumbs when I speak to you. Then you can sit back and enjoy the ride, so to speak. Here’s a short example.

I am your bitchy lawyer in your criminal case.

You, of course, can’t afford me. But I have known you for ages. You are my neighbor that I have always had a secret crush on. Now is my opportunity to get exactly what I want from you. Since, you can’t afford my fees, you will have to work it off in some other way.

I might turn you into my personal little sex slave.

Oh, and all the ways I could manipulate you, since I will definitely win your case. Once you are free, you think our playtime is over. What you don’t realize is, this is when it begins. You report to me now when you get home from work. I dictate who you date, and when you date.

I also dictate what gender you date.

This type of coerced bisexual dominance makes you incredibly uncomfortable, but I, of course, don’t care. You work for me now. I reward you for being a good pet by allowing you to lick my pussy when your assignments are complete. Everything you do is to please me. It does not matter if it is for me, or one of my lawyer friends.

Wanna play?

I LOVE dominating you!


Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil…)

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