There is something about fucking you with my strap-on that turns me on so much. I think it’s because you’re not what one would consider submissive. No, you’re an alpha male, and that’s why it is such a powerful feeling when you bend over, spread your ass apart for me and beg me to push every single inch of my strap-on cock into your horny asshole. You are wiggling your ass, just dying to feel me press it up against you. You’re practically thrusting, trying to find my lady-dick. When I squirt the lube onto your asshole, it’s probably going to make your dick throb.

Alexis of

 Alpha males need female domination, too.

As I said, it gives me such a feeling of power when I get to fuck an alpha male with my strap-on, and I’m always interested to know how it came about that you wanted to bend over and be pounded. I bet it started out kind of innocently. You heard from a friend that having a finger in his asshole during a blow job, or while he was jerking off, felt really amazing.

So one day you tried it, and you loved it. Then you worked up the nerve to ask your girlfriend or wife to use her finger on your asshole while she went down on you. That felt good, but pretty soon, that wasn’t enough for you anymore. You knew that you needed to have your asshole more filled up than that.

Beg me for my strap-on.

That’s where I come in. I can’t wait to talk to you about how amazing my big fat strap-on is going to feel inside you. Do you want it to be slow and sensual with me on top of you and your legs wrapped around me? Or do you want to be slammed like a whore with me fucking you hard, deep and fast?

Call me now, so I can tell you about how I’d go about fucking you with my strap-on. Trust me, it’s going to do a number on you.


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