Spanking You Into Submission

While some appear to be more common than others, there are many reasons a submissive may long to experience the administration of corporal punishment. Walking that fine line between pain and pleasure can lead a submissive to feel a myriad of feelings and lead to a ecstatic subspace that cannot be replicated in any other way. From light and playful to harsh and unrelenting, spanking can be an erotic staple for some submissives.

Why do you long to be served a spanking?

You Deserve To Be Punished

Have you been an insolent or disobedient submissive who needs to be taught a lesson and make amends by enduring an ass-blistering? Is punishment by spanking the only thing that is going to put you back on the track to good behavior?

For some of you, that sensitive backside requires only a mild smacking to make the statement clear that you have done something unacceptable. Some firm slaps with a bare hand while bent over the knee of your Mistress, and you get the message. However, there are those who need “something” that speaks more loudly, like the repeated sting of a leather belt or wooden spoon.

Whatever it takes, be sure I will take out my frustrations on your bare -or pantied- ass to give you an attitude adjustment and correct that unacceptable behavior.

You Need Your Sub Status Reinforced

Do you require a paddling or strapping on a regular basis just to remind you of your proper place as a submissive and take you to that spanking subspace bliss? Do you long for and love being spanked because it gives you a sense of security and clarity as a sub?

Sometimes we all need reminder of those things that are important. If I think you are slipping in your submissive ways or you need a spring put in your step, then I will take you over my knee and let my hand -or other instrument of spanking I choose- put you back in line and have you walking the straight line of submission once again!

You Want To Feel the Love

Are you a submissive who feels that physical discipline by your Mistress is not punishment, but can well be a reward of a different kind of pleasure and/or a display of her dominant affection for you? Is spanking a turn-on for you because you can feel your Domme’s passion and fire with each lick?

With each strike of her palm against your bare bottom or stinging smack of her paddle, you take great delight in being reminded to whom you belong and how wanted that makes you feel. When I finish, both sets of your cheeks will be glowing – your posterior set from the coerce and friction of your spanking and that set on your face from the ecstasy of my dominant’s love.

Whether you need -or want!- a spanking for any reason, I am always happy to oblige, as a good spanking does a sub’s body -and mind- good!!

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