For those wanting an erotic thrill that’ll really heat things up.

Few things make my little pyro heart beat faster than wax play. The dancing flame, the slow deliberate drip of wax, the anticipation of each drop before it splatters and then languidly slides over bare skin, the momentary flash of pain that fades to enduring warmth. All of it combines to make wax play one of my favorite types of sensation play, but just like anything else involving fire, it’s important to only enjoy it safely and responsibly.

Wax Play 101 with Mistress Lilly

Wax Play 101

Not all candles are created equal, and not all candles are meant to be used for wax play.

Wax Play candles need to have low melting points: massage candles, candles explicitly created for wax play, and soy or paraffin based candles all have low melting points, and are generally safe for use, but NEVER use beeswax. It doesn’t cool as rapidly upon contact with skin, and can cause severe burns. Standard birthday, pillar, or taper candles can have very high melting points. Never let melted wax from these sources come into direct contact with the skin, unless there’s a buffer (ex: dripping wax onto a spoon, then from spoon onto skin), until you’ve established the melting point is low enough to comfortably do without it. Each person has a different sensitivity towards wax, and each candle can have a different melting point, so always use caution.

Always test wax on a less sensitive part of your anatomy first, 

then GRADUALLY move towards the naughty bits.

Never, ever start by dripping wax directly onto your tender bits. Start from the outside and work your way in. Find out how your body reacts to wax, and as you grow comfortable, you can start experimenting carefully. The closer the source of the heat is to your skin, the hotter the wax will be when it hits, and the further away the heat source is, the more time the wax has to cool before impact.

Don’t forget a drop cloth, and don’t forget to shave.

Lay cheap plastic sheeting, a shower liner, or an old towel you don’t intend to use again for anything else, underneath you before you start playing with wax. This keeps wayward drips from going everywhere. Wax drop cloths cannot be be placed into a washer/dryer without risking getting wax on subsequent loads of laundry. Shaving before wax play makes clean up & wax removal MUCH easier. Without it, your CBT session will unintentionally last a heck of a lot longer.

NEVER leave a flame burning unattended.

The moment you are done with wax play, make sure that all candles are blown out and safely put away.

As long as you keep it safe and consensual, Wax Play can be an incredible addition to your kinks.

Use caution, care, and common sense, and the sweet sting of wax play can add a whole new dimension to CBT, impact play, sensation play and more.  However, if you’re going to be indulging in a bit of a fire and ice scenario, make sure the wax play is first, then use ice later after the wax has had a chance to cool to prevent burns.


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