Occasionally, I’ll get a call from a horny stroker that fantasizes about female domination. They already know how excited one woman gets them, how much more fun would a group of scantily clad women be? Well, I can’t speak for all gal groups, but when it comes to my squad, I’m at the helm. And the naughty ladies available to me would never have an issue taking that fantasy all the way. Big cocks get a different kind of attention, of course. But it’s the little ones that make us laugh!
Forget the tough economy. Party sluts are wanted, and I’m always hiring!

Ms. Amber is hosting a training party for all you domination addicts!

Let’s play a domination game with your tiny cock.

When it comes to finding our own fun, we need a play toy slut boy. Ladies will fondle even the smallest cock, because it feels naughty, and they feed off your reaction. As you whimper and gasp, they’ll be dying of laughter and you’ll be leaking all over the place. Maybe I’ll make a game out of it, and soon you’re naked in a circle of my friends. Then you’re walking just a few steps from one to the other while they each take a turn playing with your mini-manhood and throbbing balls. They can flick, poke, pinch or squeeze. The domination anticipation will drive you bonkers!

I’ll have music playing, just to make things interesting, and when I stop the song, the woman who last touched you gets to choose what she wants to do to you. Door #1 says she sits on your face while trying not to spill her drink, and you lap her pussy or ass until she cums. Door #2 means she picks the position, borrows my strap-on, and stuffs your man-hole while you whimper like a bitch. Knowing my ladies, they’d still be holding their drinks even then.

Domination is a drug and sluts need their fix.

Forget all the straight porn you’ve ever watched, all the male-dominated and male-driven agendas. Everyone knows that the real fun starts when a woman is in the driver’s seat! Domination phone sex isn’t a one-time shot, it’s a drug. Sluts like you need your fix, and I’m dealing.

If you’re ready to explore my fresh supply, I’ll cut you in. Bring everything you have.


Domination Bootcamp for all your domination needs.

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