CBT isn’t the Only way for a Femdom to Bust Your Balls

Of course there’s the physical aspect: literally hitting you below the belt, crushing your nuts, and beating those balls like they’re itty, bitty bongo drums. However, ball busting can also be cerebral. Anyone who’s ever been subjected to a brutal performance review by a scathing employer knows exactly what I’m talking about. At some point in their lives, most people will experience having their boss figuratively bust their balls, but when your boss is a skilled Humiliatrix and a sadistic Femdom, ball busting becomes figurative and literal.

When Your Boss is Hell on Heels get Ready to Kneel

I adore turning inept, pathetic, little subordinates into cringing heaps of humiliation; and making them my ball-busted little submissive bitches. Office role plays can be incredibly erotic–and there’s a built in power dynamic between boss and employee that I love exploiting for my own sadistic amusement. I’d be delighted to show you the type of hands on management style that’ll make you break out into a cold sweat and your sack shrivel before I even lay a finger on you, because after all, there’s no point in calling you into my office to tell you exactly what I think of your performance, unless I’m positive that the message is really sinking in. Sticks and stones might break your bones, but words can last forever.

Ball Busting in the Boardroom

While my voice is breaking down your psyche, my stiletto heels will be breaking your balls until you’re left with absolutely no doubt of your complete and utter ineptitude, failure, and insignificance. I’ll make sure that you know your failure as my subordinate, as a man, and as a human being. I’ll help you understand that your true place is on your knees or writhing in agony as my ball-busted bottom bitch, and you’ll thank me for it.


I’ll see you in my office after the closing bell, subbie.


Ballbusting in the boardroom with Mistress Lilly.

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