You know you love domination.Get on your knees and worship Princess Lilly.

You know you love letting a Lady take the lead. You might not even remember when you first realized you were happiest on your knees in service to her. And there’s something even more wicked about submitting to one several decades younger than you.

There’s something deliciously kinky and erotic about worshiping at the altar of youth and beauty long after those particular graces have left you behind.

Something that makes your pulse race, that makes your dick twitch, that makes the sweet sting of humiliation burn into you. Long before you even feel the brush of my hand, the strike of my whip, or the thud of a paddle, there’s something enthralling about being owned, possessed, and controlled. When the person you are giving yourself over to is a Princess, it’s a reminder of those golden years back when you still had a shot at a young Lady like me.

           Now, it serves as a reminder that those days are long gone,                  and you love it.

There’s something about that particular power exchange where regardless of how you conduct yourself in business or your daily life, you are powerless before your Princess. You adore kneeling before a living reminder and embodiment of the fact that this is as close as you will ever get to a wonderful, hot young Lady, and you will only get there on your knees. I can’t wait to play with you and see just what kind of wicked things I can have my dirty, old subbie do!



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