Let’s Get NaughtyMs. Lilly wants you to get naughty with some CBT.

Now is the time of year when people all over the nation, and even the world, are either cleaning up, gearing up, making trips to the local garden or hardware supply store, and there is no better time to stock up on some truly diabolical CBT toys.

For those of you who are interested in getting some extreme CBT accessories, here are some of my favorite things.

CBT Essentials

  • C Clamps: Smaller sizes. These are perfect for creating a bit of a ball stretcher that you can tighten up, and they are heavy enough that they will not only crush, but also pull. Just make sure that you use them with boxers or briefs on.
  • Sand Paper: Basic rule of thumb, the higher the grit or grain count, the finer the sand paper will be. One hundred looks like like sea gravel, 900 feels like shark skin. Experiment with different grits to get a rasping and unforgettable stroking sensation.
  • Soil turners / garden claws: These miniature, handheld rakes make a perfect accessory for some sensation play. Using a light touch can feel almost like a manicured set of fingernails sliding up your inseam. Using slightly more pressure will take it all the way from a pleasant sting to a powerful claw in no time flat.
  • Bicycle Tire Rubber: Get one of these and cut it into two or three pieces. You will have a collection of rubber straps that pack one hell of a smack.

There are many more ways to re-purpose some regular some common household and home improvement items…

…and I will enjoy introducing you to each and every single one of them. These are just a few things to get you started.


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