Assume The Position Slave

When I’m in full on Bitch Femdom mode, I expect to give a command and have you follow it.  Some of those commands have to do with how I want you positioned.  You should learn these three and practice them!  I might leave you in these positions for quite some time, slave, so practice staying in them no matter how uncomfortable they may be.

Inspection Pose

I like to see exactly what I’m working with whenever I get a new pet in my playroom.  So, when I say “Inspect,” I want all of you exposed.  It goes without saying that you should be naked.  Stand up straight, slave, with your legs more than shoulder width apart, and your hands behind your head.  I love having you like this, seeing that hard cock pointing out straight and proud, having access to those nipples and that ass.  Oh, the things I am going to do to you!

Present The Slave Pose

After I inspect you, I want you to be ready and waiting for just what I have planned.  On your knees, with those knees spread wide, I need access to that horny cock, now lean back, with your hands wrapped around your ankles. And of course, you are naked and exposed to your Mistress.  Maybe I’ll sit on my throne and run my sexy feet along your cock and balls.  Or maybe, I’ll just sit here and start playing with myself and watch you drip.

Punish The Slave Pose

At some point, I will need to punish you either because you deserve it, or just because I want to!  From that present position, lean forward until you’re on your hands and knees, and present that pale, white ass to me.  Oh, it certainly does need some color on it, doesn’t it?

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Slave positions for domination by Mistress Christine.


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