A lot of men have never even thought about wearing panties before they meet me, which is why I love turning them into pantyboys!

It’s so humiliating to put a manly man into panties and require him to wear them to work, require him to wear panties all the time! He’s constantly reminded that his Mistress OWNS what’s in those panties, and that he must be

Pany boy has his first coerced bi experience.

Let me guide you to new adventures!

an obedient boy if he expects Mistress to be indulgent.

Eventually though, panty boys get used to wearing panties, and it’s not a big deal. Some of them even learn to love wearing panties! Of course, once my panty boy gets comfortable, it’s time to up the ante! Time for a coerced bi experience!

So, panty boy, what can I do to make you uncomfortable again, to make you prove your devotion to me? Why don’t we become a cocksucker, panty boy?

Oh, it’s just like learning to wear panties. At first it’s a little odd, but then you begin to LOVE serving your Mistress. After all, I own your cock, why not your mouth too?

Nobody’s going to question your love for pussy, don’t worry about that. When you explain to them that you only give men blow jobs because you want to lick your Mistress’ pussy, they’ll more than understand!

Strip down to your undies, panty boy! On your knees! Don’t worry, I’ll be right there with you, my soft breasts rubbing against your ears, my hands teasing the front of your panties. Go on. Open your mouth nice and wide!

Lick that cock head, stroke the shaft with your hand.

Now that wasn’t so bad, now was it? My panty boy’s first coerced bi experience is very exciting, judging by the wet spot in his panties!


Coerced Bi Experience

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