The Demon Simone is here to play with you...

The Demon Simone is here to play with you…

Masturbation Trance is another one of My evil, special powers as a Mistress.

I love putting my clients into nice, deep trance. Then, I transport them to another place.   Sometimes, we start where I am the sex therapist or dirty Psychiatrist and my job is to listen to your problems.  Other times, I play a nun, a Priestess, or even an evil Demon from the underworld, or a naughty succubus.   It does not really matter the role, the intent is the same.

You will offer Me your cock and balls.

You will take your cock and balls out of your pants on my command.  You want to do this, of your own free will.  It feels normal and natural to show them to me.  I then have you fondle and touch them lightly.  While doing this, you will tell me all of  your deepest, most humiliating sexual secrets.   You will tell me the things that your wife and best friends do not know.


I never judge your sexual fantasies.  You are in a safe place and feel at ease.

It feels good to stroke your cock lightly and tell me these dark secrets about yourself.   I finally allow you to hold your cock nice and tight and squeeze it as a reward.  Every time you tell me something dark about yourself, you are allowed to stroke it a little.

This stroking and acceptance trance masturbation goes on for an hour.

At the end, I absolve you of your sins and allow you to have release.  When you cum, you feel all your stress and anxiety washed away from you, and you feel much, much better.  It feels good to be free and clean of mental toxins.

Do you need a masturbation trance session?

I love to do this!

Your Dark Priestess and Succubus,

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil)


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