Be Attentive to Your Mistress

Learn to please your Mistress!

If you really want to please your Mistress – and what submissive pet or slave doesn’t want to? – then you have to be attentive to her.  Your Mistress is doing things to you – whether it’s teasing your horny cock, spanking you or giving you a hard pegging – to get a reaction from you.  She adjusts and changes things based on your responses.  Shouldn’t you do the same?  Be attentive to her needs.  If your worshiping her perfectly pedicured toes, and getting no response, you need to change things up.  If she’s groaning in pleasure, then keep doing what you’re doing.  Pay attention to what she’s telling you.

Follow Your Mistress’ Commands

When a Femdom gives you a command, she expects you to follow it without hesitation.  Sometimes, for a Domme, hesitation on your part can be fun – gives her a reason to punish you…not that we ever need a reason!  If she gives you guided masturbation instructions, listen to how, when, and where she wants you to stroke. If she tells you to suck her strap on, start bobbing on that knob! 

Communicate With Your Mistress             

As I wrote above, when I’m topping someone, I’m looking for certain reactions.  All communication is not verbal.  If I tell you to suck my strap-on and your previously throbbing hard cock is now a limp wet noodle, then I know that’s probably not your thing!  If I’m caning you and a river of pre-cum is leaking down your leg – well, then I know I have a pain slut on my hands, don’t I?  When your Mistress slows things down, and asks how you’re doing, be honest.  That isn’t topping from the bottom, it’s making sure we’re both having a wild, fulfilling session!

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