Copy of Simone (83)Gay trance domination is where a Mistress like myself speaks to you in  a calm relaxed way. There is absolutely no reason to yell with this form of domination. I might, for example,  speak to you for an hour about how much you want and need to suck a cock.  I speak about it very casually, the way I might discuss the weather.   This form of domination is very powerful, because it is subtle.   I am not going to be a mean mistress in this scenario.

Sensual trance domination also has positive attributes.

It’s not JUST about manipulation.   Though, being a mean mistress is entertaining to me.   Let’s say I speak to you for an hour about how you no longer enjoy eating sugar.  You hate the flavor.  You can’t stand having it in your mouth.  You think of really gross things on your tongue when you taste it.  See how powerful and extremely evil this form of domination is?

Funny thing is, commercials use sensual domination all the time!

Trance domination happens every day to you.   You hear a one note song and you equate it with car insurance, or a fatty fast food burger.   Imagine, if every time you heard that same noise, you thought about sucking on a cock, instead of that fatty burger.   Oh, yes, it can be fat, just not something you would munch on.

I Love talking to men about being gay when dominating them.

It’s fun and safe even if you are not gay to experience a roleplay of sucking a cock or taking it up the ass.  Imagine, how refreshing it would feel to wake up desiring a man instead of a woman.  You long for large muscles and something extra between the legs.

  Would that scare you?

Then, you should Definitely try it!

If nothing else, I WOULD love the challenge of talking to you about the delight of beings gay!

Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause being evil is FUN!)


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