Harper DOMDomination can mean a lot of different things to different people.

Mostly, for me, domination means exerting my will over yours, in order to bend you to my needs and whims. A dominant person is a person whose will is stronger than most people’s, unswayed by popular opinion or the pathetic pleading and whimpering of those subservient to them. I’m very dominant. I know what I want, and I know how to get it. What do I want?

I want to dominate you and drive you to the edge of what you’re capable of.

Far too many males come to me and claim to be submissive, when what they really are is simply horny. There’s a difference between a truly submissive male and man who gets off on the idea of a strong woman. A horny male, as soon as he cums, reverts back to his previous mode of behavior. A submissive man, no matter whether he cums or not, remains subservient and submissive to me. Given this knowledge, it’s clear that the key to keeping any male submissive to my dominant whims is to deny him any form of orgasm or release.

Domination and chastity mix very, very well.

Really, any form of denial mixes well with domination games. You have a need or desire that I could hypothetically meet. I, as a chastity femdom, choose to withhold the culmination of what you desire in an attempt to keep you submissive. Of course, you could try an end run around me to get what you need, and that’s fine. So long as you accept that your behavior has consequences and when you eventually, inevitably return to my feet, you’ll be reaping exactly what you’ve sown.

Domination games are a type of power play, and I do love these sorts of games.

Power play is all about the little political maneuvers between us, jockeying for power and control… You know that I’ll win, because I always win. In these games, the dominant always wins in the long run. I never play for just one session, just one encounter. The end of every session will leave you yearning for more, waiting for your chance to come crawling back for more time spent kneeling and under my thumb.

I will dominate you.

And you will learn to love being my submissive slut slave, utterly under my control and power, mine to use and abuse and drive right up to the edge over and over again until you break…

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