You will learn to LOVE IT!

You will learn to LOVE IT!

Hello, bratty submissives!

In the last domination post, I discussed how much I dislike bratty submissives.  After much contemplation, I’ve decided this is just not true.  What I dislike is non negotiation in brats.  SO, when you call, and plan on being a brat, you must say your name is “Brat”.   I will treat you then as the bitchy mean Mistress that you deserve.

I will start by slapping your face.

Let’s face it, ALL brats need to have their face slapped.  I personally enjoy doing it first thing when you wake up in the morning. 🙂   Next, we will add a little cock and ball torture to the mean mistress recipe.   CBT is especially fun for me, especially when you are just waking up.   There is nothing quite like hitting your balls and hearing your sad little scream in my ears.    I LOVE hearing your screams. It makes me really happy!

CBT also makes me want to laugh

Don’t forget, to add fuel to my fire by being especially whiny.   All brats need to have a little whine with their requests.  All of these things make my pussy particularly wet, which I LOVE!   I also love getting a little brat to beg repeatedly to get what they want in life.  (As if that will really happen in life.)

Imagine if you will, begging to have your balls hit.

Now, that is what I call fun for hours on end.   Sure, I will also allow you to stroke your cock as well.  But, only after your hit it a few hundred times for me.  It should be nice and numb by the time you are actually allowed to stroke it for me.  I wouldn’t want you to get any ideas about cumming too quickly.

Oh!  Did I say you could cum at all?  

That would be so mean of me to do that to you wouldn’t it?

Maybe next time I’ll allow you to cum!



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