See something you like?

See something you like?

Domination comes in so many flavors that I enjoy immensely!

Today I will discuss body worship as a form of domination for the happy slave!

I love a slave that starts out naked for me and on his knees.  It excites me seeing his cock rise to attention while  he watches me.  He wants to serve me more than anything else in the world.  I raise my naked foot and push it all over his eager face.  He kisses it lightly as not to tickle my toes.   Tickling would cause me to hit him in the face with my foot and no slave wants that….

or make her angry.

The submissive should always strive to please their Mistress to the best of their ability.  Now, as I was saying.  The nameless slave would then kiss up the leg to my knees.    Every Mistress should own a slave that knows how to kiss,  please, and, of course, worship her body.   Slow, obedient kisses on the body while kneeling is a great place for a slave to learn their place.

Remember, a worshiping kneeling slave,  is a happy one.

If they are not happy, then they are not doing it correctly.  Or, they are not a slave.  The difference between a slave, a submissive and a brat is this.   A slave lives to be in service of his Mistress or Master.   A submissive enjoys serving but has limits or may only be submissive at certain times.   A brat is a submissive that enjoys testing his Mistress or Master for attention.   The brat is one that I just don’t enjoy unless we discuss up front that, when one is a brat, hardcore punishment will ensue.

I prefer the body worshiping slave.

This is the person that lives to serve me and pleasure my body in all ways that I see fit.  If you have any questions regarding this post or would like to learn how you too can be one of my sweet slaves then email me at:

I look forward to you kneeling for me!

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