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Can You Handle The Heat?

A few weeks ago, I acquired a new slave for my amusement. He begged me to forbid him to cum, and who am I to refuse a request like that?

Shortly after I began his orgasm denial regimen, I sent him on a shopping trip–to Victoria’s Secret! Now he’s not only required to edge without release, but he’s also required to wear panties full-time.

Of course, this panty slut keeps his new wardrobe a secret from his family and friends, but sometimes despite his best efforts he very nearly gets caught wearing panties!

So what’s a man to do when he’s downstairs in his basement and he finds himself too horny and distracted to work out? Why he pulls his pants down and edges his poor denied penis, of course!

The worst thing that can happen to a panty boy with his pants down is hearing steps on the basement stairs and realizing those steps belong to your wife!

In the past, my macho panty boy would have grabbed his wife and wangled a blow job out of the situation, but not anymore! Not only would he have to stop her before she made him cum, but he would have had some ‘splanin’ to do when she saw the lacy thong cupping his hard cock and balls!

So quick as he could, he yanks up his pants and tries to play it off. Whew! Close call.

A horny denied cock and close calls in your panties are all in a day’s humiliation when you belong to a mistress like me, however. Get used to it, panty slut!

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