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I’ll be sweet, but relentless

If you’ve ever heard my voice (you can click below for a sample!) the first thing you’ll think is, “She sounds so sweet and nice.”

And that’s because I am a very sweet and nice person. I don’t hate men, I don’t think men are inherently deserving of contempt. I actually like men a whole lot; I love men, as a matter of fact. I love my job as a domination phone sex mistress because I spend my entire day listening to men’s secret thoughts and desires.

But for a man like you, sweet and nice doesn’t always cut it, does it?

You want to feel a woman penetrate you and take over. You want her to deeply possess you.

You don’t need to be bullied; you will obey mistress willingly, won’t you? You want to be completely controlled by Mistress, and I don’t have to threaten you.

Domination doesn’t have to hurt to be effective. In fact, unlike some others, you crave domination because it feels good to be submissive.

Sensual domination can feel like a long, luxurious seduction. A gentle tease that makes you crazy with desire.

A sensual mistress penetrates and probes you until you open up and invite her in.

Once she’s inside, she doesn’t topple the furniture and trash the room. She finds a comfortable place to sit and seeks to understand you. It’s all so gentle and kind.

Do not mistake a sensual mistress’ kindness for lack of skill, however. Her calm demeanor will only serve to lower your inhibitions, allowing her to go deeper than ever before.

A sensual mistress will thoroughly fuck your mind. Even if she does it with a smile.

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