Oh, you’ll do it… you’ll do it for me!

You Will Eat It For Me

I know you say you don’t want to, but you will for Ms. Christine.  It’s one of my Femdom Rules – always clean up your mess.  You can’t just leave that puddle of cum on the floor…or on my boots…or my feet.  It’s not what a good submissive does.  It’s a power trip to control your cock, to tease you, deny you, and finally, as you pathetically beg, to allow you to spurt that load.  It’s so much more special when you lick it all up when we’re done, even though you really don’t want to!

I Know What’s Best For You

Ms. Christine always does. It’s why I have you stroke and edge over and over again.  I know just how to get the top performance out of your cock, how to get the biggest loads out of those aching, blue balls.  I know just how much you can take.  You know why I make you swallow down all that spilled spunk?  Recycling!  If I’m going to empty those balls, we have to make sure they’re all filled up again.

Swallow It All For Me

I know, you’ve just cum, and all that arousal has left your body – it must be in your cum!  You promised me if I just let you cum, you’d do this one thing for me.  So, go ahead, slut.  Your hand is full of warm cream.  Just lift it up to your face, stick out your tongue and lap it all up.  Oh my, the more jizz you swallow, the more enthusiastic you’re becoming.  Have I produced another cum junkie?

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