My heels to worship…

Training For My Shoe Sluts

Does watching me strut around in my stiletto heels get you hard, pet?  You just love the way they give that toned, sexy look to my long, lean legs, don’t you?  That’s not all though, is it?  You just like those shiny, black leather shoes, don’t you?  Oh, you may not be a true foot fetishist, but you are a shoe slut, aren’t you?

Let’s Get Some Shoes

I like to send my slutty sissies out on shopping trips, but this shouldn’t be too humiliating for you.  I want you to go out and pick out some stiletto heels, something you think would look hot on your Mistress.  We’re going to work on just how to properly worship them, so that you won’t be fumbling around when we do our call.  Once you get home with them, lay them out next to a chair –  as if I was seated in it, with my feet in those beautiful heels you’ve picked out for me.  Now, get naked, and lay on the floor on your belly and slither toward your Mistress!

Make Love To Those Shoes

Go ahead, start by kissing the toe, then kiss all the way up one side, around the heel, then down the other.  When you’ve covered every inch with kisses, you can start licking them. Isn’t that wonderful?  The smooth leather sliding across your face, the smell in your nose, the taste in your mouth?  I think you deserve a special treat!  Roll over onto your back, imagine I am lifting up my foot…and plunging the stiletto heel into your waiting mouth.  Oh, that must be what any woman who has ever had the misfortune of sucking your cock must have experienced.  Small and thin!

Ready For More?

Once you’ve learned how to worship those shoes, give Ms. Christine a call.  IF you do a really good job, I might just reward you – by shoving that stiletto heel deep in your ass and giving you a shoe fucking you’ll never forget!

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