Training You To Be My Slave

Dominant Mistress Delia

Dominant Mistress Delia

Every submissive needs training.  Even the experienced ones.  You see, when you come to me for training, you may think you know how to be a submissive, but the fact is, you’ve been trained to be someone else’s slave.  Just like submissives, we Dommes are not all alike.  We all have our ways we like to play.  One of the things I’ve been talking about on my blog is preparing for a scene.  So, before we talk about how to  stroke your cock for me, or how to suck a dick, let’s start with the basics

Proper Address

The go to is Mistress, or Ms., although there are some Dommes who prefer other title – Domme being one of them.  There’s also Empress, Goddess, Princess, and for the snooty, Maitresse – which I think is just a trap.  No one ever pronounces it right, and it’s just an excuse for your Femdom to discipline you As if we ever need an excuse!).  I prefer Mistress, Ms., and sometime, Ma’am.  It all depends on the particular scene we’re involved in.  Whenever you speak to a Femdom, you should always address her properly – “Yes, Mistress,” “No, Ms. Delia.” “Please fuck my ass harder Ma’am!”  You get the idea.

Behavior Restrictions

Some Mistresses, as a sign of their control over you, will restrict your behavior.  Now, I know none of you potential slaves would EVER touch your cocks without permission, but there are others.  Some Femdom enforce eye contact restrictions – you’re eyes remain on the floor, unless she gives you permission to look at her.  Maybe she commands you to look at a specific part of her – like her sexy feet, or her round, delectable derriere.  Some enforce speech restrictions.  Their slaves are only allowed to speak when answering a question.  Not Ms. Delia!  I love seeing the lust in your eyes as you gaze upon me and listening to you beg for release!

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