I know there are many of you out there that enjoy a bit of pain with your pleasure so I wanted to share a little cbt with hot wax and edging play I have enjoyed…..are you game?

First comes edging

We started out with slow strokes on that wet hard cock bringing him to a very hot horny edge of orgasm in no time! The feeling of almost going over the edge is intense when brought there slowly.

Oh how I just love the moans of a man on the edge holding back his cum and keeping it in those tight full balls! Nothing makes me happier than a horny man following my stroking orders!

Time for a little wax

After that first edge I had him drip some wax onto his full horny cum filled balls……I knew instantly when the wax hit his balls because the yelp of pain and moans of pleasure just give it away…….now another drip and another

Soon those balls were coated in wax delighting me to the sounds of some pain some pleasure even some giggling…yes giggling

Edging and Wax play

Next I combined the two things stroking that cock and holding the candle in the other hand dripping hot wax on those balls creating a fire storm of pleasure and pain making him ready to explode but insisting he remain denied that orgasm.

Hot wax should only be used by someone with previous experience as there is an inherent risk of injury if used improperly. Neither I nor LDW Group is liable if you try this without proper knowledge or experience.

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