Rachel hands on boobsMy Boyfriend and I are both Alpha personalities, so neither of us submits to the other (we have our sub stable for that). That doesn’t mean, however, that we both won’t do almost anything that sexually pleases the other. He knows, for example, that rubbing, lightly pinching, and sucking on My nipples just right makes Me insane with lust! But His nipples, as He puts it, are “just there”.

Don’t get all excited, those of you with a fetish for breasts–I’m not all that into breast worship by slaves, because I don’t believe in allowing access to My body above the waist, in principle, to those who belong on their knees before Me. But since a slave’s whole body belongs to Me, I’ve been delighted to discover that many of your nipples are as sensitive as Mine!

I’ve had a number of sessions lately with submissives whose nipples are as useful as part of a tease and denial session as their cocks for driving them to desperation! And still more with pain piggies whose nipple sensitivity makes them ripe for exploitation, tease and torment!

Are your nipples connected by a cord of erotic energy straight to your cock and balls? Do you like a little pain with your pleasure? Maybe you’ve never given your nipples much thought, but would like to find out!

Do with those nipples what I tell you to do, just as you do with that throbbing piece of meat between your legs. Maybe you’ll find that, like my boyfriend, your nipples aren’t useful as anything but decoration. But maybe you’ll find you have another toy for your Mistress to play with, punish, and control!

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