What puts me in the mood to ruin a man’s orgasm? There are a great many things on that list, but I won’t bother to list them here. Half the fun is in not knowing where my triggers lie. All you need to know is that I am in full control, and I am not afraid to take that step if it is indeed necessary.

Are you afraid of a ruined orgasm?

You should be because there are more ways than one to actually take away that little glimmer of pleasure at just the right moment. While none are considered fun, some ways are simply more jarring than others. I could stroke and edge you until you are overwhelmed with madness and begging me to let you have what you so desire. Then, when you are literally tipping over the edge into orgasmic bliss, I could just take my hand away. So wholly unsatisfying.

Then there are other methods which are much more cruel. I get quite the kick out of these as they usually result in my sub screaming and writhing in agony as I effectively cut off the flow of jizz from their too-achy balls, thereby preventing an exit. That sounds awful, so why am I smiling so wickedly?

So many ways to ruin a man’s orgasm…

The method I use wholly depends on the submissive-in-question. If he has simply displeased me, then I might go for the first method. If we’re talking cruel and unusual punishment, then the latter would be a much better choice. Which one are you? Think I’ll go easy on you? Let’s find out.

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