Does Penis Size Really Matter?

So many of you with dinky dicks just love to ask that age-old question about size. With that sheepishly hopeful tone, you want to know if women mean it when they tell you that it’s not what you have but what you do with it that counts. You long to hear that -yes- it is true. If a woman does happen to tell you that size is not significant, you really want to believe that to be the case, but you still have your doubts. Embarrassment, shame, and humiliation still rattle around in the back of your mind. How can you ever be sure what the real answer is?

Well, as I always say in response to any inquiry posed to me, do not ask something to which you do not want an honest answer. In this case the answer is invariably NOT what you are going to want to hear…

EmmaJane, Shameless Size Queen

Hello. My name is EmmaJane, and I am a devoted size queen. I love a big, thick cock, and I am not at all ashamed to freely and openly admit it! A respectable length AND admirable girth are BOTH required in order to get my attention! That is simply how it is.

“Why?” you ask. “What does a little Ken doll dick not have that a whopper Incredible Hulk cock does?” you whine. Well, let me clue you in on the merits of a worthy cock – and why you will NEVER measure up, literally or figuratively.

The Simple Shame of a Small Dick

First, there is, of course, the most obvious answer: size! A big dick hits those spots a tiny tinker toy cannot. It gives a woman that sensation of being stretched and filled that a weenie worm can only dream of doing. Watching a cock of size and substance grow from flaccid to massive is a sight to behold – and can certainly put a smile on a girl’s face! There is nothing quite as exciting as watching the way a big cock grows and expands in both length AND girth. It’s like taking in a transfixing magic act!

Then there are the aspects of stamina, endurance, and control. A man who wields a big dick and is in command of his power of the prick has the kind of staying power that a pitiful little pee pee can only dream of having. That monstrous hunk of man meat can go and go and go – and, unlike a little nub deserving of complete humiliation, it doesn’t get so excited with one or two little touches that it goes off early like a defective firecracker with a short fuse!

The Hilarity in Small Dick Humiliation

On the other hand, while a small stub is not inspiring for a woman who actually likes to SEE and FEEL something which only a real man has, a puny pecker can put a smile of a completely different kind on the face of the woman unfortunate enough to be exposed to it. It is a smile that inevitably leads to laughter, regardless of whether you hear it aloud or not. It is a smile that wonders, “Are you kidding me?! Is that it?” and says “Oh… You poor thing. You really did get the short end of the stick!” It is a smile that says, “The only thing that tiny crotch critter deserves is a big dose of small dick humiliation!”

I know the truth hurts and can be completely humiliating, but sometimes the truth is simply not pretty. (Well, unless you put that little thing in some panties……)

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