You only have to ask once to be my bitch.

Big And Black

That’s right, ass whores. No flesh colored shorty dildo’s for Ms. Lilly. Ms. Lilly likes her strap-on’s big, thick and black. So much more humiliating to have your ass split in two by a big black monster, don’t you think? Does it make all you cuckolds think about how your hotwife’s lover is going to take your ass one day?

Beg For It

You will beg for my cock, like the bitch you are. Having a bitch who’s already a butt slut come to me and beg me for that big black python is one thing. How they look up from their kneeling position, mouth full of cock and mumble something nearly unintelligible around that piece of rubber. I’m like a dentist though, I can understand you even though your mouth is full. “Please fuck my ass, Mistress Lilly” is what you’re saying.

Virgins Are The Best

Ass virgins are the best though. I don’t make them beg to be fucked – well, not at first. I want them to beg to be my bitch. I want them to beg me to own them. While I may make you beg over and over to cum? You only have to ask once to be my bitch. Before you know it, you’ll be face down and ass up, and you will feel my big black cock at your puckered rosebud. I’ll ask “Any last words, bitch?” and those words better be “Please fuck my ass, Ms. Lilly!”

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