Ms Amber loves chastityDo you know what I love about chastity? It can be used in many different situations, and it’s so effective!

Whenever a man is getting a little mouthy, or a slave is forgetting his place, I turn to chastity. There’s no better way to find a man’s sensitive side and see what he’s capable of then when he stops thinking with his smallest head and you secure him in a cage, at your mercy. But celibacy is also a tool! It reminds a man who’s really in charge! Who knew that something as simple as captivity could re-program a man so much!

Chastity is perfect for reining in a growly spouse….

To add a measure of control to a pushy, macho male, I get a belt ready……a chastity belt, that is! Few masculine men like the idea of chastity, but my powers of persuasion always win in the end. I just tell them that it’s a sexy toy in a teasing game, and that it will only make him want me more. And I wait until that perfect moment to bring it up….maybe when I’ve given him a sexy strip tease and his little cock is throbbing. He’s no match for a sensuous Mistress like me! A panting male with heavy balls will agree to anything if there’s a promise of earth shattering release! Of course, I might have to agree to something sexy that he wants, too. But I’ve got my naughty fingers crossed behind my back, because the only truth is his dick in my cage!

Once he’s locked, I hide the key and break my promises, laughing all the way. Without being able to release himself, he’s now my prisoner. And his lock-up is positive progress for everyone! When he’s no longer a slave to rubbing that cock and seeking the pleasure, it simply goes to sleep! A sleeping penis helps a man find focus! He becomes more sensitive, thoughtful and eager to please a woman. No more acting like a jackass! No more insensitive, snide remarks. A chastity belt whips a man into submission for sure!

Chastity sets that slave straight….

Some subs keep trying to sneak a tug here, and a squeeze there. They say they live to comply, but their nagging penis is a bad influence that needs to be curtailed. To ensure no more secret stroking, captivity is needed! I’m prepared with punishment, but I desire obedience above all else! An unruly slave needs a cage to continue his training without the distraction. Lock up that naughty slave and reap the benefits of control and compliance!

Chastity reminds a cuckold of his rank….

Cuckolds are perfect for chastity! He’s certainly not using his cock for her pleasure, so why should it ever please him? Putting that sad cock in jail reminds a cuckold that he’s pathetic. A chastity belt restricts his ability to comfort himself with masturbation while his wife is out getting stretched and filled by another man that can do the job. Even if the cuckold is used for service with her lover, the cuckold’s cock is never needed. If he brought something to the table, his wife would be home! So, lock it up!

Explaining chastity to your wife….

Maybe you aren’t a cuckold or a slave, but desire the submission that chastity can provide. Your existing sex life may be disrupted by chastity, but it’s all for your woman’s pleasure. Locking up a willing man frees up opportunities for a woman to sexually experiment while she takes a break from you! Men, you owe it to your partner to sacrifice your pleasure for hers. Sit her down and explain your desire for chastity. Remind her that she will be in total control of your freedom and that all indiscretions are off the books!

Are you ready for chastity? I want to hear your story! You need a Mistress to lead you and lock you. Call me for a consultation today!

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