Ms Courtney's birthday scavenger huntAha! Guess what little subbies? Friday, May 23rd, was my birthday! Soooo,  this little assignment is going to be all about ME!

I have planted Courtney trivia EVERYWHERE. My blogs, my audios, my blog comments, my tweets, my facebook posts, my tumblr account, they are all riddled with information about me. I want you to dig around and find some of that juicy Courtney information. For the true Courtneyites, this should be a BREEZE! You probably remember all of the juicy details of my sex life from our calls together!

Okay, so here is your assignment, it’s like a scavenger hunt, of sorts. I want you to dig around and see if you can find the answer to the  following questions about me. If you can answer all of them, you are a true Courtneyite, or at least, a die-hard wannabe! Just as fair warning, some of the answers to these questions you won’t find ANYWHERE on line. You have to call and ask me! I like to reserve the juiciest tidbits of my sexuality for my callers!

If you know the answers to these questions, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT share them here! That makes it more of a mystery and more fun that way! Here goes:

1. At what age did I first start masturbating?

2. How did I first discover masturbation?

3. At what age did I first start using sex toys?

4. At what age did I first start reading erotica?

5. Name one erotic book I read when I first discovered erotica.

6. At what age did I have my first sexual encounter?

7. Who was my first sexual encounter with?

8. What unusual item did I use in the bathtub to get off?

9. What kink did I discover before college?

10. What kink did I discover in college?

Have fun! And don’t forget to…

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