I will own you!

It’s All About The Fantasy

As a Phone Sex FemDomme, I know that my greatest gift to you is the ability to totally make a fantasy come true for you – in your mind. They say the brain is the greatest sex organ, and that’s certainly true for my callers. Of course, their hands and hard cocks certainly help, now don’t they? In a phone sex domination session, it all about getting inside your head – the mindfuck.

Getting In Your Head

When we do a call together, I want to know everything I can about you – what your fantasies are, what turns you on, what makes your dick hard and your knees weak. What are those special things I can say to you that will have you in that space you need to be in? Is it telling you what a good pet you’ve been? Or what a nasty slut you are? Is it the crack of a whip over the phone, or the buzz of my Hitachi Magic Wand turning on?

Sensory Overload

Once I get inside that naughty mind of yours, once I know what I can do to have you begging to serve me, that’s when I want to overload your senses. While you stroke that cock and pinch those nipples, I want you to believe it’s really me there doing that to you. Can you smell my heady perfume, feel my hot breath on your neck as I run my hands down your spine and over the curve of your ass before I smack it? When you feel all those things, when you can see them, hear them, smell them and taste them, that’s when I know I own you. Body and mind.

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