Greetings gents. I shall assume you are submissive gents, since you found me here on Domination Boot Camp. Perhaps you have thought about serving a Superior Woman, but it seems to be at odds with your A-Type personality. Don’t fret precious, those feelings are more common than you might know. Sit back and relax, Mistress is going to school you some.

The Dichotomy of Strong vs. Submissive

Too many folks have the misconception that “good submissives” are weak willed, and little more than a doormat. Nothing could be farther from the truth for this BDSM Mistress. I learned that lesson during the year I was Trained as a submissive in the Old School Style – from the bottom, up.

I knew and embraced the theory that spending time at the bottom would make me a more perceptive Fem Dom, when the time arrived. Hands on experience allowed me to feel the emotions and sensations that someday, I would be feeding to another. Books and conversations can take you only so far.

A fine submissive is a source of pride & a credit to the Masters’ Training

My Masters stressed that intelligence, character and manners, are the qualities most sought after by a serious BDSM Top. In turn, they are the same qualities I expect in those who Serves our kinky Family.

What might surprise you most, is how I was cared for, pampered, groomed and dressed to be pleasing to the eye. Each foray into the kinky public eye was my opportunity to shine, and still remain silent – until spoken to.

The Pleasures of Pain

My Training was more than posture, body worship and how to show the proper respect for Superiors, and there was all the wanton sex too. 🙂 Great sex, mixed with delicious consensual pain was a cathartic experience, and something So Exciting, I wanted to give to others.

And give it I do. 🙂

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