A stroking assignment for Ms Courtney's submissives

A little subby assignment

Here’s a fun little assignment for all of the little submissives out there! I want you to dig out all the money you have on you right now. Not the stuff you keep stashed away for emergencies, just the stuff you have in your pockets or your wallet for incidental, day- to- day stuff. Now, add all of that up. The bills only! NOT the coins. Whatever amount you end up with, is how many times you get to stroke for two minutes! You may need to look at an analog clock with a sweet second hand for this, but you can find apps/ websites that have that for you. And don’t cheat!

You have how much?

If you have only five bucks on you, then you only get to stroke five times in two minutes. I count one stroke as up and then down again, got it? It’s going to be very, er, hard, on you! Hahahaha! I crack myself up. But you are there for my amusement and entertainment, aren’t you little subbie? So go ahead, get your money out, then get your dick out. But you may want to wash your grubby little mitts before handling your dick, because money is notoriously dirty and disgusting. Hey, you didn’t realize how much you and money have in common, did you?

Hahaha! I am on a roll today! Now, you are going to do this agonizingly slow stroking game for a whole hour. Once you have done this stroking game for ONE WHOLE HOUR, then I want you to…

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