So You Get Off Thinking About Sucking a Big Dick

You have tried to stop the thoughts, but you cannot. You tell yourself that such thoughts are wrong, but still that does not make them go away. You try to distract yourself, but thoughts of big, warm, twitching cocks hovering inches from your face keep reappearing – and the truth is this: You love the images of having a hard dick in front of you, awaiting your oral attendance. You salivate over the prospect of how such an experience might be. Why is it that you want to hide from these mental images that make you so hot and horny? Maybe you just need a strong Mistress to make you confess your oral fixation.

Exploring Your Fascination With Cock

Whether you want to admit it or not, you have a case of cock curiosity, and that’s that. When you let yourself go with your cocksucking fantasy, you gravitate to a nice thick cock – and the bigger, the better. You want to touch it, stroke it, lick it, and suck it – and should I discover this naughty cock craving of yours, I will expose you for the closet cocksucker that you are.

With my firm “encouragement,” you will confess your longing for a big dick, and we will imagine together how it would feel, sliding across your tongue, head nudging the back of your throat, the hardness passing between your lips. The thoughts will feel so real that you can barely contain yourself – and, of course, I will fan that flame!

“Controlling” a Cock That is Not Your Own

Now, we have some cock control to employ, and here is what that means: You leave your cock alone because you will have your hands, and mouth full with that cock (or cocks!) that need servicing. You know, that stiff appendage about which you fantasize about wrapping your lusty little mouth… Under my tutelage, you will learn how to stroke that massive member with your lips, tongue, and mouth. I will teach you various sucking techniques, which will result in your becoming an expert in blow jobs. I’ll make sure you know how to “deep throat” a cock in a way that would make Linda Lovelace blush. Your talented mouth will come to crave cock every day
and long to show off its oral skills. Face it. You ARE a cocksucker waiting to be discovered. Consider yourself now found!

Come on now. Pucker up those lips and get that mouth ready to go. You have “work” to do…

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