I can be gentle sweetheart

Do you love what you see?

Fingering the Alpha Male tutorial

I enjoy pushing the limitations of most men. I get a great deal of pleasure obviously from pegging a male, but it doesn’t just end there.   I want to feel the inside of My big muscular alpha male.  I want to know what he feels like, not just with My strap on.  Obviously, that’s reserved for My beloved sissy.   I want to also run My middle finger up and down his beautiful butt cheeks.  Are you a bit skittish?

First things first, get yourself a pack of latex gloves.

I find the blue one’s to be highly stimulating.  I enjoy first blowing inside of them.

It helps the alpha male relax when he sees you putting your lips to something.  It reminds him of a blow job, and who doesn’t love that right?   Next, a bit of KY between My fingers and any male, alpha OR beta will be excited.   Who doesn’t love a lot of lube?

Now, I take my middle finger and just start feeling around between his cheeks.

Don’t worry if you are new at this.  He will tell you higher and lower.  I usually do this on purpose as I like the little look of panic in a male’s face.   That moment of “Oh God, is she going to find the hole, and what happens when she does?” The second question nonetheless gives Me a great deal of joy.

Yes, I usually ask that question and smile.   What am I ever going to do when I find it?  I enjoy asking this question as I begin to gently push inside of the hole.  At this point, it is normal to feel like your male is squeezing your fingertip,   I personally file my nail down when I’m about to play with My sissy or introduce my alpha to prostate stimulation.   But if you love your long nails, then push some cotton balls in the latex glove to protect their delicate insides….

Remember, play safe and Have Fun!


Goddess Simone

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