Under Ms Olivia's thumb

I am a sensual Mistress who also thoroughly knows the erotic value of being strict or stern or even a mean Mistress. It might sound like a contradiction to the uninitiated. It might even sound like the ‘something for everyone’ that ends up being wishy-washy because of catering to some imagined middle ground. That’s not what I’m talking about.

Sensation Play is Erotic

This about how to craft a domination scene with a story arc created for your unique erotic roleplay. There is an art to crafting a fetish scene that takes you into subspace. I use my creativity, personal experience and my voice to bring us both to a special place. This is a place where you are under my thumb AND under my wing.

Subspace and Mistress Domination

Have you experienced the wonderful sensations of slipping into subspace? If you’ve done any amount of power exchange then you have probably felt that weird energy shift if you don’t feel connected or totally safe with your Mistress. This happens when there isn’t enough negotiation about the scene, limits, expectations, etc. This is what is called D/s negotiation. I will ask about these things because I want you to be able to LET GO and experience your subspace drift.

Sensual and Strict Mistress

This brings me back to the question many of you ask, “Are you a sensual or strict Mistress.” My answer, it depends. ~laughs~ I am sensual by nature so there will be lots of sensual play. I also adore power exchange and sensation play enough that I know my way around some serious pain play and I LOVE IT! I will use everything in my power to bring us both to where we want to be. And, you will hear in this FREE EROTIC AUDIO that you will be under my wing and under my thumb.

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