Light CBT with Ms ConstanceI have always enjoyed just a bit of pain mixed with pleasure and one of the things I enjoy is light CBT. When it is combined with just a dash of pleasure it can be amazing and exciting! So if you are up for a little light CBT pain and pleasure continue reading and follow my directions.

Items You Will Need for Light CBT

A few rubber bands

Wooden spoon or similar object

Shoe lace or long string

Ice cubes

Something soft like a feather duster or perhaps a soft silky pair of panties

Time for Some Pain and Pleasure

Please keep in mind to do this to your own tolerance level and not go crazy with any of these instructions. I am a huge fan of being safe and with CBT of any type above and beyond to impress me is not always a good thing, so everything in moderation.

Let’s start by you taking the shoe lace and wrapping it around the top of your balls as tightly as you can stand it, leave just enough left over to tie around the base of your cock. Look down at your balls and see how they are pushed together and exposed and ready for some light pain – I love that look!

Start with the rubber band and snap it against those full swollen balls 10 times changing the spot you snap each time – stings and hurts, doesn’t it? Now take your soft item and caress those balls just long enough to take the sting away.

Now hold an ice cube in your hand and begin to stroke your hard cock with it. The cold is intense and even a tad painful. Do this until the ice cube melts. How does that cock feel now? Now you can give it a tad bit of pleasure by stroking 10 times with your warm hand.

Now take your wooden spoon and stand with your legs apart. Smack your balls with that wooden spoon 10 times (remember moderation) make sure you are moving the spoon all over those balls to get full smacking coverage!

Now you may use that soft item to once again caress your balls and soothe them by dragging it across them and enjoying that soft silky feeling on them.

Now repeat all these steps one more time and if you can make it through that, then you can make it through a hot and sexy light CBT session with me. So let’s have some fun and don’t forget the toys! Oh and whatever you do, remove that shoe string now, hehehehehe.

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