I have to give credit where credit is due here.  This particular assignment was the genius idea of one of my beloved caller’s girlfriends!  So sit Rub one out for Ms Courtneyback, relax and enjoy the kinkiness!   I think this idea is fantastic!  Here’s the scoop:  if you don’t have one, get an egg timer.  Now for the kitchen-challenged, that’s the little hourglass with the sand in it.  They are usually plastic, but I have seen them made out of other materials, like WOOD, for instance.  If you can’t find one in your kitchen, you may have a board game with an egg timer in it, or, you can just use the sweep second hand on any clock, watch, your computer or phone.  But DO NO CHEAT!

This is very important!  You will only have three minutes in which to cum.  If you cheat, you totally “blow” the whole Domination Boot Camp Experience, okay?  So don’t be a dumbass.  If you want to just blow your wad without the aid of a Mistress’ assignment, you are excused to go do that, little boy with no restraint.  Now, for all of the remaining diehards, here’s the deal.  You turn the little hourglass upside down, but before you do, make sure you have your cock out and ready to stroke.  If you like stroking with lube, you may have that handy, but no other toys or assistive devices of any kind are permitted on this assignment: just your cock and some lube.

Now, once you are ready and the hourglass is turned, you have that time to rub one out: THREE MINUTES.  Once the last grains of sand are in the bottom of the hourglass, YOU ARE DONE!  And, you don’t get to try to cum again until tomorrow.  Yep, that’s what I said, tomorrow.  You have three minutes to cum!  Now the next part of the assignment is to…

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