Are you one of those guys who say you would NEVER suck a dick? Then why is it when Mistress straps on a Big One, you drop to your knees? Don’t get me wrong, I adore when you willingly submit and can show it with such quiet grace. The little shiver that courses up your body when I place my hand on your head is a silent tell, informing me that you will not resist what will come next.

Mistress Knows You are a Hungry Cocksucker

Tapping your lips with the tip of my hard cock, it pleases me to see your mouth open wide like a hungry chick. Choosing this particular dick to tease you with, had a purpose, that you are sure to figure out – before I am done. Slapping your face back and forth with the long shaft, I have to laugh when you try to gobble it up.

No no little slut, first you must use your tongue and lips to trace the realistic contours of my Mighty Meat. Guiding your head by your hair I move it down to my balls and tell you take a deep breath and drink in Mistress’ fragrance. No doubt you can tell- your submission excites me. With a quick push backwards, you land on your ass – and when you look up confused – my cock is waving in your face.

Placing a foot on your shoulder I press you to the floor and straddle you. The fear in your face may be priceless, but it’s your hard cock pressing at the small of my back, that tells the real truth.

What truth?

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