Ms. Delia Dishes Out Pain and Suffering

Mean Mistress

Mean Mistress

This lesson is all about punishment. Your progress is not quite what I’d like to see by now so maybe I need to motivate you. Then again, I could just be doing it because I am a sadistic bitch, and it amuses me! You’ll never know. All you know is you need to endure the pain and suffer for me to prove that you’re worthy of my time, slut! You may have been punished before, but they’ve all been soft, haven’t they. Not with a hardcore Pain Mistress like Ms. Delia.

Punishing You

You’ll need some nipple clamps, a cock ring and a paddle. You don’t have any of those do you? Well, we’ll make due with rubber bands and a wooden ruler, wooden spoon, or something similar. You’re also going to need a bowl of ice. I’m going to punish your nipples, ass and cock. Do you know why? Because you’ve been a pain in the tits, pussy and ass to every woman you’ve ever met, so it’s just apropos, don’t you think?

Suffer For Me

Get down on the floor in presentation position (I really didn’t have to tell you to get naked, did I?). That means on all fours, head down, ass up, hands and arms out in front of you. We’ll start with the nipple clamps. Before you put them on, I want you to rub those ice cubes all over them, so they’re nice and erect. Now, put that cock ring on. If you don’t have clamps or a cock ring, you’ll need to use the rubber bands. Now, for your ass. I hope it’s ready for a 21-smack humiliation spanking. Swat your ass 21 times, counting off each one and saying “Thank you, Ms. Delia!” Make sure they sting, and they get harder after each one. I expect some moans or whimpers by the time you’re done. Oh, is your cock hard and aching? Did you want to cum. Not tonight! Tonight was about pain and suffering for me.

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