I love to tease you…in all ways!

I Like Teasing Your Cock

Don’t all of us Cock Control Mistresses? Having control of your cock, watching as you stroke and edge, begging for that sweet release that only I can grant? Well, it gets me all wet. But sometimes it can just get boring. I’ve got a wicked imagination, and I can come up with any number of ways to have you stroke, but every once in a while we all need something different.

How about teasing your ass?

That would be something different! And do you know how many sensitive nerve endings there are within your ass? If you’ve never tried anal play, you really don’t know what you’re missing. So, you need to get yourself a butt plug, a dildo and some lube. No toys? Well, you can always use something like a cucumber or a carrot – how about a little food fetish fun to add to everything?

A Bit of the In and Out

Lube up that hole and that toy really well. Now remember, I said we were going to tease that hole. So start out by sliding it in there nice and slow. 3 seconds per stroke. Do that for 2 minutes, or 40 strokes. Then you can start sliding it in 2 seconds per stroke, or 60 strokes, then 1 second a stroke, or 120 strokes. Then, you can just start fucking your slutty ass pussy with abandon, as fast as it can go. Let’s see how much of an ass whore you really are. Can you cum without ever jerking that cock of yours? Oh, now that is hot to watch, maybe you should turn on the webcam 😉

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