Ms CourtneyThis is an assignment that is only for the very submissive who enjoy being cock controlled and denied orgasm. If you haven’t already invested in one, get a chastity device.  If you haven’t gotten one yet, you might want to wait on completing this assignment, as it would be very difficult to accomplish without a chastity device.

Now I know some of you will get hard just reading this assignment, so you may have to calm yourself down to actually get small enough to fit into the device.  If that is the case, all you need to do is fill a glass with water and ice, crushed if you have it, and then plunge your cock into the freezing, cold water.  That should make your cock shrivel up and get really, really small.  Then, you should be able to put the device on without any effort.  Also, you must have a padlock and key for this assignment.  Make sure that the key and the padlock are a match before locking the padlock.

Once it’s locked, if you have a private backyard where you can go outdoors in the nude, do so, otherwise, of course, put your clothes back on.  Now, go in the backyard and find a suitable spot to bury your key.  I want you to bury it very, very deep, as deep as you can.  You may wish to put your key into something sizable, like a strong box, or something similar, so it will be easier to find when it comes time to dig it up.  Then, I want you to…

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