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Sometime, you’re just not going to have anyone to play with.  What is a slutty little submissive like you supposed to do when they’re alone?  Sure, since you’re a chronic masturbator, you could just stroke that cock, but I think I’ve taught you better than that!  You need my guided masturbation, my cock control to keep you from those weak, unsatisfying orgasms.  So, let’s see if we can come up with some solo things you can do while you’re waiting for me.

Nipple Play

Get yourself some clamps or some clothespins.  Lick your fingers, and start rubbing your nipples.  Make them all hard?  I want them harder, so you’ll need to pinch and tug at them, maybe run a few ice cubes around them. Once they’re standing out nice and proud, I want you to put those clamps or clothespins on them.  You can start stroking now.  Every once in a while, flick at those nipples with your free hand.  As you stroke, and you get to that edge, pull those clamps off.  Either you’re going to cum – HARD – in which case we now know you’re a little pain slut – or you’re going to stop that wonderful orgasmic feeling right in its tracks.  Either way, I now know something I can use when I’m teasing and denying you, don’t I?  Tell me, which would be worse – being denied, or being made to cum when I tell you that you can’t?

Electro Play

TENS units are great for safe solo play, because you can control the intensity.  You don’t need to turn it up to 11 to have some fun!  You can put a set of electrodes around each of your nipples and see how that feels.  Maybe you want to put a set on your cock and balls, so you can work on trying a hands-free electro-orgasm.  Just set that power dial where it feels best. You can make a game out of it.  Start stroking, get to edge, then turn it up a bit.  You’ll be amazed as how your need to cum gets more desperate, you can turn that dial up higher and higher.  That’s endorphins, and not only do they allow you to expand your limits, but they’ll give you that mind blowing orgasm when you finally shoot your load!

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