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I want you to do something that costs you, challenges you, maybe even scares you a little.

I want you to do something that you would never do on your own, simply because I ask you to. It’s even better if part of you screams NO as you submit to my command: Do it for me. Now.

One of the things that’s extremely difficult for many of my straight slaves is coerced cum eating, which is why I require it IF a slave climaxes.

That’s right. If you serve me, you will spend your days, weeks, and months forbidden to cum–in orgasm denial. If I permit release, you will eat your ejaculate. All of it. Every single time.

It can be challenging when faced with a palm full of warm salty goo.

Your orgasm is over, your cock is softening, you’re no longer horny and desperate to please due to sexual excitement. This is when you show me how obedient and devoted you truly are.

Any man can crawl around on his hands and knees sniffing Mistress’ pussy, licking her boots, and submitting to her strap on, when he has a hard little cock.

Show me how you will serve me when your dick is limp.

Now, if you’re an experienced cum eater, there are ways to challenge you too. You will not get off easy. So many ways for you excite me, little cum craver.

Shoot your spunk on the floor and lick it up. Every. Last. Drop.

Oh, that’s too easy for you? Tell me, do you keep your toilet rim clean? You might want to start doing that from now on, because. . . . I think you know why.

Still too easy?

Well, cum in a condom, take it to work with you one morning, and you chew on it for the rest of the day. I’m sure your assistant won’t notice your cum breath.

Think of it as a kind of kinky nasty gum that reminds you that I own you and you will not be allowed even the semblance of self-respect.

No, little slut, you will learn to serve me by showing me you will sacrifice your limits, and you will not be allowed to use sexual arousal as a crutch.

Are you slave enough to serve me?


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